In Bulgaria, the gaida is one of the most popular traditional instruments along with the kaval. It is typical to all parts of Bulgaria both for accompaniment and solo performance.

The gaida is composed by the following parts: gaidunitsa, ruchilo, duhalo, glavini and meh. Gaidunitsa (chanter) is the most important part of the gaida and consists of eight finger holes, seven of them are on the front side and the eighth hole is on the back side of the pipe. In addition to the 7 front finger holes is a small ‘flea hole’ which, when uncovered, raises the pitch of the adjoining note by a semitone.

There are two main kinds of gaida:  Low (kaba) and high (djura). The kaba gaida (aka Rhodope gaida), is perhaps the most famous, and is typically used as a lyrical accompaniment of Rhodope songs or melodies.  The most used gaida is with the main tone “sol” (djura).  It has got loud tone possibilities compared to the other kind of gaida.